The next frontier in 3D printing is nearly here

Introducing the SandBox, the first entry level powder 3D printer.

Finally, a low cost 3D printing platform for powder!

The SandBox is bringing powder 3D printing to the masses, opening up a new range of printable materials. What you can make with it is only limited by your materials and imagination. The question is, what will you do with it?

Complexity and Variety

The powder/binder printing method supports several off the shelf materials including cements, ceramics, wood, glass, sugar, and more.

Open Source

Powder printing holds potential to change lives for the better, and we want this to be available for all. Long live OSH.

Cheaper Materials

Powder build materials are the cheapest and most widely available when compared to commercial FDM and SLA products, and are easy to self prepare.

Coming Soon.Stay tuned, powder may just surprise everyone.

Stay tuned!